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Tender Jackfruit

The young and premature fruit (tender jackfruit) can be use as vegetable, which contains high amount of vitamins and mineral. Tender cut jackfruit is a pack of 100% real and raw jackfruit pieces that are ready for a hassle free cooking experience. It is made of nothing but the real, farm fresh and hygienically sourced jackfruit make a pack of tender cut jackfruit. Along with purified water for a tender texture.

Bal's Veg Tender Jackfruit is just right for making biryanis and curries, pizzas and tacos, rolls and salads, and much more!

It provides a moderate amount of calories, lots of fiber, vitamins and minerals too. Jackfruit is rich in several antioxidants.

•    Ready-to-Cook
•    Raw Jackfruit Cut Pieces
•    100% Vegetarian
•    Could be used with Jackfruit Curry or Jackfruit Biryani.

Ingredients : 

Tender Jackfruit, Purified Water.

Allergen Details : No Allergen.

Nutritional Facts :
(Approximate values per 100gms)

Energy : 47 kcal
Protein : 3.2 gm
Total Carbohydrate : 7.3 gm
Total Sugar : 1 gm
Added Sugar : BLQ
Total Fat : 0.5 gm
Saturated Fatty Acid : 0.2 gm
Unsaturated Fatty Acid : 0.2 gm
Acid Trans Fat : BLQ
Cholesterol : BLQ
Sodium : 2.9 mg
Dietary Fiber : 3.6 gm

Packaging : 250 g

Shelf Life : 12 months. Keep in cool dry place.
No refrigeration needed.

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