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Jackfruit Makhani

Bal's Veg Jackfruit Makhani is so easy to make at home and it tastes just like a restaurant. With “chicken-style” jackfruit and a perfectly spiced, creamy sauce, this popular dish just got the best vegan makeover!


Our's is a lighter version but just as luscious. You will be mopping your plate with tufts of naan bread or rice, and that’s a promise.

Our product doesn't include any obscure ingredients, or fancy methods.

Our chef inspired from the traditional north Indian gravy made some tomatoes and cashews paste, added those homely masalas along with our tender jackfruit pieces. Two minutes in the pan and serve it hot with roti, naan or lachcha parantha.

Ingredients : Jackfruit (30%), Water, Tomato, Onion, Cashew Nuts, Melon Seeds, Refined Sunflower Oil, Brown Onion, Garlic, Salt, Sugar, Green Chilli, Spices and Condiments, Ginger, Corn Starch, Natural Flavouring Substances, Yeast Extract.

Allergen Details : Contains Nut.

Nutritional Facts :
(Approximate values per 100gms)

Energy : 164 kcal
Protein : 2.2 gm
Total Carbohydrate : 18 gm
Total Sugar : 5 gm
Added Sugar : 1.9 gm
Total Fat : 7.6 gm
Saturated Fatty Acid : 1.4 gm
Unsaturated Fatty Acid : 4.1 gm
Acid Trans Fat : 1.5 gm
Cholesterol : BLQ
Sodium : 694 mg
Dietary Fiber : 8.7 gm

Packaging : 250 g

Shelf Life : 12 months. Keep in cool dry place.
No refrigeration needed.

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