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Vegetarian / Vegan
Easy-to-Cook Meal Kit
Jackfruit - 100% Plant Based
Minimum Processed

No refrigeration needed

No Preservatives, No Additives, No Added MSG, No Diary,

No Artificial Flavouring, No Colouring

What’s so great about our meal-kits? Unlike popular soy-based meat alternatives, these meatless jackfruit recipes are made with familiar ingredients. The recipe uses kitchen staples like cornstarch, sauces and spices. There are no weird preservatives or lab-made ingredients involved.
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If you're new to cooking and the thought of starting from scratch seems daunting, Bal's Veg meal kits chef it up for your convenience.

Bal's Veg mission - make healthy eating delicious; with jackfruit base.
Dishes incredibly balanced in flavour as they are in nutrition.

Sri Lanka Jackfruit Curry

Kung Pao Jackfruit

Jackfruit Nugget

Jackfruits are a good source of Vitamin C, potassium, dietary fibre & minerals.

Get to Know Us

Bal's Veg was founded on pure passion and entrepreneurship and we want to share that passion with food lovers everywhere. We are changing the Jackfruit based meat free world one dish at a time... come with us and join the plant-based revolution!

Whether you are batch cooking for a busy week, or creating a midweek winner for the whole family, Bal's Veg make it easier than ever to create your mealtime favourites with our easy-to-cook products. Try Bal's Veg range of vegan and vegetarian easy-to-cook recipes and create delicious meat-free dinners, lunches, and more!

Making a meal as a family can be a great way to do something a little different...and so much fun! Cooking doesn’t have to be elaborate, but making something simple and delicious and enjoying it together as a family is such a treat.

Our packaging is made of plastic, which isn’t very sustainable – but we’re still looking for ways to completely replace the plastic with another material. Packaging options made of cardboard always have a layer of plastic on the inside, which sadly makes them no more sustainable than the plastic bags we’re using at the moment. Of course, our bags are recyclable and can be discarded with your other plastic waste.

Best friends are like jackfruit,
hard in words, soft from heart.

Farm-to-Table With a Twist

Jackfruit is a unique fruit because of its meaty texture. In recent years it’s become VERY popular in western diets not only because of its nutritional content, but also because it’s an incredible faux meat substitute for dishes like BBQ pulled pork.

In Malaysia (and many other Asian countries), jackfruit is known for its amazing versatility. It’s edible at every stage of its life.

Be like a jackfruit which is very hard to cut or break, even very rough outer side but the inner pieces are very soft and sweet.
So be like it very strong outside and very soft inside naturally.
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